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NJ Children’s Parties DJ Services specializing in fun games, clean music, positive interaction, and stress free events! Lilly’s DJ Service will take care of the party so you can relax!


From our award winning Children’s Parties DJs and high quality sound, to field days and pool parties, you’re going to find the right mix of fun.


We are hired to perform at Children’s private parties as well as at school Theme Parties (holiday, sock hops, disco nights, etc.), Fall Festivals and Spring Field Days, and yet, these clients could have had somebody (a teacher, parent or coach) DJ for free. So why do they call upon Lilly’s DJ Service? There are many reasons… professional grade sound and lighting equipment, current / clean music, and experience is working with kids during children’s DJ parties.


Types of Children’s Parties: girls parties, boys parties, teen parties, theme parties, sweet 16, birthday parties, sports & team parties, karaoke parties, house/block parties, dance parties, club parties, school dances, talent shows, holiday parties… Pretty much any type of fun event where there’s a need for music, games, contests, prizes, and FUN FOR THE KIDS!


NJ Disc Jockey Service for Kids, Teens, & the Whole Family!


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Birthday Party DJ in NJ

Lilly’s DJ Service has performed at Birthday parties for every age group from a baby’s first birthday up to a surprise party for the oldest birthday guest.


Most people think of celebrating 18th and 21st birthdays but we have also performed at countless 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th & Up birthday parties. Some people don’t wait for a round number and celebrate a 22th, 33rd and one persons 55th. The music played will always vary on the type of party you are having. An 18th birthday party with few people over 25 attending will have a different mix of music to an 18th party with mostly family. Family birthday parties are usually a mixture of young and old, and so its essential to find the right blend of music to keep everyone happy. The trick is to know what works best for the different age groups and how to create a blend that will suit every one.


A Birthday can be seen as a milestone of someone’s life. When you turn 18 you are considered no longer a child and at 21 you are an adult. Some people want to celebrate their birthday not because they are pleased to reach a certain age but because birthdays are a great excuse just to have a party. For many, a birthday party is a way to mark an important moment in their lives and a special reason to be with family and friends. If we didn’t have birthday parties we would have one less reason to celebrate.


Only by hiring a versatile DJ, experienced in all kinds of birthday parties and different music styles will ensure your birthday party will be the unforgettable & special celebration you are planning for.

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