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Our NJ Wedding DJ Services offer custom DJ Packages to accommodate you and your family on your Special Day.


We will play music, make announcements and keep you informed of what’s coming up. Your wedding ceremony music Will be the background for one of the greatest accomplishments of your life. It’s about you and your special day.


The Wedding DJ will offer direction for the formal aspects of your wedding. Introduction of the bridal party, introduction of bride and groom, 1st dance, dances with parents, wedding toasts, cake-cutting, bouquet, garter, and a farewell dance as you depart to live happily ever after! We’ll make sure that there are no awkward “what-do-we-do next” moments.




We invite you to learn more about our commitment to amazing customer service, meticulous pre-planning, and reasonable prices.


Call today (609) 706-5223 so we can discuss your event needing NJ Wedding DJ Services. If you prefer you may contact us online using the sidebar form.




Wedding Day MC / DJ In NJ

Congratulations! You are approaching one of the most exciting times of your life, and we at Lilly’s DJ Service would like to be a part of it. We understand that your style is different from the last couple we worked with… or the next one we’ll work with. That’s why we take the time with you to plan a tailor-made reception.




Make your wedding reception special and unique. Your guests will enjoy music that is specialized for your event only. Your event will flow smoothly from before people arrive to the encore songs.




We want you to be able to relax and feel like guests at your own party, knowing that your entertainment will be perfect. Yes, we bring thousands of songs to your event. Far more than we could ever play. And yes, our sound systems are precise and clear.


Our service provides event planning, cocktail music, dinner music, and dancing hours that you and your guests will remember forever. Our DJ provides the best wedding entertainment for your special day.


But we do so much more than just play music. If you require suggestions on vendors, facilities, wedding toasts, wedding poems and wedding vows, we’re at your service!



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